Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Resume Dilemmas

Have you ever wondered how much your effort in preparing your resume and cover letter will benefit you in finding your dream job? Hah.. You're not alone in this if you're wondering, many times job seekers put so much effort in preparing their resume hoping it would land them their dream job. One thing I can say is that it is not a bad thing at all in fact go all out when preparing your resume just don't over doing it by turning it into a testament of how wonderful you are. Of course you have to put in everything that would help you in securing an interview with the company; relevant experiences and achievements. This article is a continuation from our previous article on Rule 2

Here are some tips based on our own experiences and what we have gathered from our research that can be used in preparing your resume:

1. Straight forward. The truth is the recruiters do not have time to read every single word in your resume. Elaborate your past experiences just enough for the person reading it to understand. Start by drafting RELEVANT information you need to include in your resume. In terms of education for Malaysians, SPM up to recent academic achievement is sufficient. Include only RELEVANT extra-curricular activities that has helped you to nurture RELEVANT skills at work. The keyword is RELEVANT if you haven't noticed.
2. Be different. A way to do this is by writing an interesting cover letter. Write about adventurous past experiences you had and how it has made you realize certain things in life and values you hold close to your heart or a dream you want to fulfill and relate it to why you are passionate about the job or how it will be able to help you achieve a bigger dream of yours. Be honest and truthful about it, nothing is more interesting than a writing from the heart. Remember to not over doing it by ranting.

3. Get structured. Arrange the information starting with the most recent ones. A good flow is by starting with personal information followed by academic achievement, working experiences including responsibilities and achievements (can be divided into permanent and part-time), and other related skills respectively.

4. A professional picture is optional. Some organizations prefer if you include a picture in your resume and some don't, you may first ask the recruiter if they need one. Please ensure it's professional, clear and non-provoking.

5. Use a professional email. Refer to Rule 2

6. Spell check. This is a must! Do not send out your resume unless you have had gone through it for a few times and have at least another person that you trust to go through it. Even better if that person has a good grasp in the language you are using.

To answer the question earlier on whether a good resume will find you your dream job the answer is NO. It will open up opportunities but it takes more than a good resume for you land your dream job. It's your performance during the job interview that will determine that. Getting your dream job requires preparation before, during and after interview. Be prepared at all times, how prepared you may ask? Prepare to expect the expected ;) Refer to The 10 Rules to Nail Your Dream Job for more tips in nailing your dream job: